As part of the treatment, if recovery fails to materialize, and if the client is limited by circumstances in everyday life i.e. getting around, then special steps may be necessary. A referral to a rehabilitation specialist is always sensible in this case.

We know that a minority of CRPS clients will be left with disabilities and that treatment may be insufficient for them. Client and doctor must keep an eye on the treatment, its progress and make changes if necessary. If recovery is complete, people can, in principle, function fully again. Even with incomplete recovery, work is often possible but one must take into account chronic pain, and the decreased ability to bear weight.



For the client, there is always the possibility of asking for a second opinion. This should be done in consultation with the doctor, but permission is not necessary. A second opinion certainly does not mean that the doctor who gives it will then begin treating his client. However, a second opinion is reasonable in cases of RSD/CRPS.